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Transit of Mercury in Virgo for 65 days: If there is a boom in the employment-then they should be careful

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Transit of Mercury in Virgo for 65 days: If there is a boom in the employment of these zodiac signs, then they should be careful


Transit of Mercury in Virgo for 65 days: If there is a boom in the employment-then they should be careful
Transit of Mercury in Virgo for 65 days: If there is a boom in the employment-then they should be careful 

Mercury is a planet which is considered as an auspicious planet in astrology. Apart from this, the planet Mercury has also been considered as the factor of intelligence, speech, business, and consciousness in our life. It is believed that whenever the planet Mercury changes the zodiac, its effect especially falls on the career and financial life of the person. If Mercury stays in the zodiac for more than 21 days, then he is called trespasser. During the period of excursion, when Mercury enters Virgo, it is said to be exalted. From 16 to 20 degrees Virgo, it is considered to be in the original triangle. Mercury is a mixed nature planet. When it is with a sinful planet, it becomes sinful. Mercury has enemy relations with Moon and Mars and Sun and Venus are friendly planets of Mercury.

When will the speed of Mercury change -

Mercury will remain in Virgo from 21st August to 25th October in Virgo and will transit in Libra from 02:25:49 pm on 26th. In this way, for 65 days, Mercury will be exalted and will remain in Virgo.

Exalted Mercury powers are going to increase –

When any zodiac sign is exalted, its powers increase tremendously. Thus from August 21 onwards there will be a huge increase in the powers of Buddha.

Exalted Mercury Transit in Virgo: Time and Duration

Mercury will retrograde in Virgo on September 10, 2022, at 7.18 am on Saturday.

Mercury will be transiting in Virgo on October 2, 2022, at 2:03 pm on Sunday.

Mercury will transit in Libra on 26 October 2022, Wednesday at 01:38 PM.

Thus the effect of exaltation of Buddha will not last from 10 September to 2 October. Being retrograde, the effect of Mercury will be opposite to the normal effect. That is, if Buddha is doing very well in general, then he will not be able to do well by being retrograde.

During this period, on September 12, the planet Mercury will set due to the influence of the Sun. Will rise on 29th September. After this, on October 23, Mercury will set again and rise in Libra. There will be no effect of Buddha in any way during the period of setting.

From September 18, Sun and Mercury will remain in the same zodiac and form Budhaditya Yoga. Due to this yoga, according to the zodiac, in the house in which the Sun and Mercury will be, they will give good results.

Jupiter and Saturn are already retrograde in this period. Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. Due to the retrograde of Buddha, out of the 9 planets, 5 planets will remain retrograde and they will give wonderful results.

Personality according to buddha

According to astrology, the communication of such people is very spectacular in the person whose planet Mercury is in a strong state in the horoscope. They get success in commerce and business. He has a good hold on the subject of mathematics. Apart from this, the sacrificial Mercury makes a person of sharp intellect.

On the other hand, people in whose horoscope Mercury is present in the afflicted state, such people have to face all the physical and mental problems. They are not able to express their point clearly in front of others. They suffer losses in business and also have to face financial problems.

Effects and remedies of Mercury transit on all zodiac signs

1. Aries

This transit will prove favorable for you in terms of health. If you have been suffering from any disease for a long time, then during this transit of Mercury, you will see improvement in it or will start getting proper and good treatment for it. People working in the fields of Data Interpretation, Trading, Negotiation, Banking etc. will also see positive results. Apart from this, those students of Aries zodiac who are preparing for competitive examinations are getting the chances of getting success. In personal life, you will get full support from your maternal uncle.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to cows daily.


Students engaged in journalism, writing and other language courses will get positive results during the transit of Mercury in Virgo. At the same time, this time will prove to be favorable for loving couples as well. Love and affection will increase in your relationship and mutual understanding and closeness will also increase. Your relations with children will be very good. So you can spend a good time with them, you can be seen doing sports, entertainment etc. with them. Financially, the flow of money will be good and savings will also be possible. Talking about your professional life, during this period of Mercury, you will get positive results of hard work done at your workplace. Overall, this transit of Mercury is going to be fruitful for the people of Taurus.

Remedy: Donate books to needy children and students.


Your family life will be pleasant and comfortable during this period. Your relations with family members will be good. This time will also be favorable for you to buy a property or vehicle. If you are making such a plan then this can be a right time. This time will also prove to be favorable for real estate developers and agents as the aspect of Mercury is falling on your tenth house. In personal life, you will get full support and support of your mother. You will spend a good time with them, which will strengthen the bond between you and them. Apart from this, you can also get a chance to learn something new during this time.

Remedy: Worship Tulsi plant daily and light a lamp/diya.

4. Cancer

During this you will get full support of your brothers and sisters and they You will have good relations with There are indications that you may plan to go on a short trip or pilgrimage to spend time with your siblings or friends. During the transit of Mercury in Virgo, this time will also be very good for people involved in the field of journalism, writing, consulting, acting, directing or anchoring (where communication and new ideas are of great importance) as development in communication skills of the natives is possible. Will happen.

Remedy: Chant "Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya" 108 times daily.


Your speech and communication skills will be impressive during this transit period but you are advised to be a little careful with your speech as Leo is generally known for arrogance, which may result in fiery speech. This time will be favorable for people working in the finance sector as they will move forward with some new ideas and achieve success. Talking about personal life, you will get full support of your family and you will have good relations with family members. On the other hand, married people of Leo zodiac will get full support from their in-laws. During this time, there is a possibility of increasing the joint property between you and your spouse (which should be bought jointly, in both the names).

Remedy: Water the Tulsi plant daily and take 1 leaf of it.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo will prove to be extremely beneficial professionally as Mercury is also the lord of your tenth house. In such a situation, this time will be very good for data scientist, import-export, negotiator, banking, medical sector and people running business. On the other hand, due to the sight of Mercury in the seventh house, there will be great improvement in your personal and business partnership during this period. You will get full support from your partners. In terms of health, you will be more energetic during this transit of Mercury. You are suggested to take some time out for your body and do something for fitness. By doing this you will get positive results.

Remedy: Try to wear green colored clothes and if it is not possible then at least keep a green handkerchief with you.


During this time you can spend money in buying new gadgets for yourself. Yogas are also being made for traveling abroad. This time will also prove to be favorable for people working in multinational companies or those associated with import-export. In terms of health, your health is likely to fluctuate during this period, so be careful about your health. Maintain cleanliness around you and eat a balanced diet.

Financially, during this time your expenses may increase, even financial loss is possible as Mercury is the lord of your twelfth house and twelfth house is the house of expenditure and loss.

Remedy: Take a whole pumpkin and touch it on your forehead and then immerse it in running water.


This period will prove to be financially beneficial for you. In personal life, full support of elder siblings and uncle will be received. Along with this, your social prestige will also increase. Talking about professional life, during this time you will get the fruits of hard work done in the last one year in both your career and business fields. Mercury is aspecting your fifth house from the eleventh house, so students associated with journalism, writing and other language courses will get positive results during this period. Overall, this time will prove to be fruitful for the people of Scorpio zodiac.

Remedy: Give a gift of green color to small children.


Professionally, this period will prove fruitful for you. This time is going to be the best for people working in politics, technology sector and communication sector. You will get many opportunities to prove your worth and ability during this period. Also, there is a possibility of positive change in your career or you can start any of your work. Mercury is aspecting your fourth house from the tenth house, as a result of which your relationship with your mother will be good and you will get her full support. Along with this, the atmosphere of the house will also be pleasant.

Remedy: Chant the Beej Mantra of the planet Mercury daily.


This time will be good for philosophers, advisors and teachers, because during this period they will be able to easily influence others, explain their point of view. This time is also favorable for Capricorn students who are planning to pursue higher education. By making good use of this time, they will definitely get success. In personal life, you will get full support of your father and teachers. During this, a long distance journey or a pilgrimage may also be possible. The position of Mercury in the ninth house will increase your inclination towards religion, as a result of which you may also take part in religious activities. On the other hand, the sight of Mercury in the third house will give you full support from your younger siblings.

Remedy: Donate green colored sweets in the temple.


This time may be a bit challenging for you. Some sudden events can make you feel mentally restless. On the other hand, if you are married, then during this time you will get a lot of support from your in-laws. In terms of health, you may suffer from skin related problems as well as back pain and pain in hands during this period, so you are advised to take special care of your health during this transit period. Aquarius people who are interested in research or esoteric studies like astrology This time is strong for them. They can make good use of this time in learning Vidya.

Remedy: Respect the transgender and if possible gift them green clothes.


If you are leading a single life then you may get some good marriage proposals during this period. On the other hand, this time will be favorable for married people. This is a good time to start a partnership business. If you are planning such a plan then you can try. You will get success in this. Mercury is also keeping an eye on your ascendant from the seventh house, so you should take care of your health and fitness. You are advised to eat a balanced diet and lead a good lifestyle.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Doob grass (Durva) to him.


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