G-B7QRPMNW6J In What forms do Ancestors give darshan during the Pitru Paksha do not do this work
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In What forms do Ancestors give darshan during the Pitru Paksha do not do this work

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In what forms do ancestors give darshan during the Pitru Paksha, do not do this work even by forgetting during the Shraddha Paksha

It is believed that these 15 days stay amongst their descendants on the earth. His soul is satisfied with the Pind Daan, Tarpan etc. done by him and being pleased with this, he returns to his world by blessing the descendants. 

(It also eliminates Pitra Dosh)

In what forms do ancestors give darshan during the Pitru Paksha, do not do this work even by forgetting during the Shraddha Paksha

According to the scriptures, Shradh rituals are performed on the basis of the date of death of ancestors. It is believed that by performing Shradh on this day, Pind Daan reaches the ancestors directly and gets the blessings of the ancestors. And the blessings remain on the descendants. During this, ancestors give darshan at home in many forms. In the Pitru Paksha, from man to bird, the ancestors come to the house. In such a situation, do not insult them even by mistake. By doing this their soul will be sad and they will return after getting angry.


There is a tradition of feeding the poor on the days of Shradh. If any poor person comes to your door during Pitru Paksha, never return him hungry or empty stomach. It is said that ancestors can come to you in any form. In such a situation, feed the poor who come outside the house well. Also, send off by giving some donations and dakshina.


According to the scriptures, the dog is said to be the messenger of Yama. In the Panchbali Bhog in the Pitru Paksha, the enjoyment of the name of the dog and the cow is also taken out. On the other hand, if a dog comes to your house on this occasion, then it is considered very good. It is said that even if a dog is seen on the way, then they should never be killed and driven away. Something must be given to eat. This gives peace to the soul of the ancestors. On the other hand, the ancestors are very happy by serving the cow on the Pitru Paksha. Along with this, cats should also be given some milk to eat in the father.


It is believed that even crows are fed food during Pitru Paksha. By doing this, the souls of the ancestors get peace. The ancestors cannot be satisfied without feeding the crow. According to the scriptures, crows are considered to be the form of ancestors. The ancestors are pleased by serving the crow and bless the family with a happy life.

(This also ends Pitra Dosh, crow is also the vehicle of Shani Dev)

Know why food and water are given to the crow in Pitru Paksha. What is its importance?

What is told in Garuda Purana?

At the time of Shradh, people remember their ancestors and perform yagya and offer food and water to the crow. Actually, crow is considered a symbol of Yama. According to the Garun Purana, if the crow takes food on Shradh, then the souls of the ancestors get peace. At the same time, Yama is also happy due to this happening and conveys his message to his ancestors.

It has been told in the Garuna Purana that the crow has got the boon of Yama. Yama had given a boon to the crow, the food given to you will give peace to the souls of the ancestors. Along with feeding Brahmins during Pitru Paksha, it is also very important to feed crows. It is said that during this time ancestors can also come to us in the form of crows.

Another belief is prevalent about this, it is said that once a crow pecked at the feet of Mother Sita. Seeing this, Shri Ram hit his eyes with his arrow and the crow's eye burst. When the crow regretted this, he asked for forgiveness from Shri Ram, then Lord Ram said as a blessing that the food fed to you will satisfy the ancestors. The one who reached Lord Rama in the form of a crow was Jayanti, the son of Devraj Indra. Since then feeding food to crows has a special significance.

During Shradh Paksha, one should not even eat food from others' homes, it is considered impure.

1. Iron utensils should never be used in Pitru Paksha, as they are considered to have negative effects. To please the ancestors, a plate and vessel of brass, bronze and leaf should be used.

2. A person who performs Shradh during Pitru Paksha should not have paan, food from other's house and oil on the body. Because paan has been associated with vyasana. While the food of other's house is not pure, it should not be eaten.

3. At the time of Pitru Paksha, animals and birds like dog, cat, crow etc. should be fed. It is believed that Pitru Garh comes in the form of any of these. One should never take food on his own without giving food to the ancestors during Shradh Paksha, this leads to Pitra Dosh.

4. Never insult the beggar and the needy during Shradh Paksha nor let him know empty handed. Because sometimes Pitru Garh can also come in such disguise.

5. Food is offered to ancestors during Shradh Paksha. That's why housewives make it. But keep in mind that they should neither taste nor eat it. Because they do not have the right to perform Shraddha rituals.

6. Shradh should not be performed on Chaturdashi on Pitru Paksha, as this day is not considered fruitful. However, only those who died on this date can perform rituals on this day.

7. A guest who comes to the house during Pitru Paksha should never be allowed to go without feeding. Because they can also take the form of ancestors. So give them water. By doing this your faults will be erased.


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