G-B7QRPMNW6J Venus sets in Leo: effects on 12 zodiac signs what to do and what not to do
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Venus sets in Leo: effects on 12 zodiac signs what to do and what not to do

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Venus sets in Leo: What are the effects on 12 zodiac signs, what to do and what not to do during the setting

Venus sets in Leo: effects on 12 zodiac signs what to do and what not to do
Venus sets in Leo: effects on 12 zodiac signs what to do and what not to do 

Importance of venus in astrology

Venus is considered an auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. By the grace of the planet Venus, any person can easily get love, art, beauty, fame and happiness etc. Hence the importance of Venus in people's life is becoming clear day by day.

If we analyze the love house in the horoscope of a person, then the position of Venus is always seen at that time. The main reason for this is that due to the auspicious and powerful position of Venus in the horoscope, the life of a person remains full of happiness and joy. Such people never lack love in life. The qualities of acting, singing, painting, music etc. are found in people whose horoscope is auspicious.

Do's and don'ts during Venus setting

Manglik works should not be done or auspicious works should be avoided during Venus setting. Auspicious and auspicious works like marriage, mundan, janeu, home pravesh are prohibited during this time period. This type of work starts when Venus rises.

Venus in Leo: Duration and Timing

Venus will set in Leo on the night of September 15, 2022 at 02:29 pm and will remain in this state till 06.13 am on the morning of December 02, 2022.

Venus in Vedic Astrology

Venus is considered the factor of happiness, lust, love, luxury, ornaments etc. In the absence of the blessings of the planet Venus, the person is deprived of enjoying material comforts and marital happiness in his life. Whereas Venus being strong in the horoscope helps a person to enjoy all the desires and pleasures while fulfilling the desires in his life. It is by the grace of Venus that the person fulfills his dream of living in a nice and luxurious house, enjoying a good family life. Along with this, he is also successful in investing or buying new property in life.

The predominance of Venus in the horoscope makes a person more intelligent, calculative and full of developed sense. On the other hand, if Venus is afflicted or Venus is weak in the horoscope of a person, then that person is not able to enjoy the pleasures of his life. There will always be less flow of money in his life and he will be more likely to have any vision related problems. In such a situation, a person with weak Venus may become more sensitive, emotional and dissatisfied in his marital life or he may also face problems due to delay in his marriage at times.

What will be the effect of Venus in Leo zodiac sign on all the 12 zodiac signs


For the people of Aries, you will get success in getting good results after facing many obstacles coming in your life. Your inclination may also move towards spirituality during this period. At the same time, you will also be seen taking more interest in earning good money in life and maintaining happiness in personal life. At the same time, this period will be of medium benefit for the people associated with business. But many people may also have some shortage of money. That's why you'll need to plan right from the start while working on ways to make your business operations more concrete. Because only by doing this you will get good opportunities in your business. But despite this, you may also fail to utilize all those opportunities effectively.


For the people of Taurus sign, family disputes are possible due to some ideological difference of yours. In the field of work, you will have many opportunities available to you. But despite this, you will not appear satisfied with those opportunities. Many natives may face some problems between departments at the workplace, but you will be able to deal with this situation successfully and come out of it. If you are involved in business then you will get moderate profit. You will develop your high expectations for further growth and expansion in the business. Also, you will be in such a situation during this period, in which you will be fully capable of increasing the comforts of business. From the money side, if you need money to meet some of your commitments, you can use this period especially to secure your loan. Many natives can also get good profit from the money earned by them or their money deposited for building a new house.


Gemini, you may have to go on some kind of foreign trip during this period for work or spiritual purposes. You can change your current job at workplace or look for a new job at a distant place. These changes in the job will be challenging for you, but you will handle the work well by making your right plan and will be able to face all these challenges successfully. From the financial point of view, during this period you will see both monetary gains and expenses in your life. Many natives can also make good money through inheritance or ancestral property. During this time you will be seen saving moderately regarding your money. From the health point of view, you will have to avoid traveling during this period, because every journey you undertake during this period will give you fatigue. Along with this, you are also advised to do yoga and meditation as much as possible.


Cancer sign prevents you from buying or investing property.  There will be chances of getting good benefits at all times. Also your strong desire to earn more money from various sources can also be seen. In terms of work also you can go on some kind of short distance trips in connection with your assignments and projects. Some natives will also have to face some problems due to lack of harmony in relations with their superiors and colleagues. Because this will be the time when you will be seen arguing with them about something. Therefore, it would be better for you to try to keep yourself away from all kinds of problems by focusing your full attention on your work only. Will stay Apart from this, a good flow of money will also be seen in life, but some house-related expenses may trouble you. From a personal point of view, there will be a lack of interest and enthusiasm in the relationship of married people during this period and you will have to face communication problems with your spouse.


Workplace for the people of Leo zodiac You will be in a position to get new employment opportunities abroad and such opportunities will prove to be favorable for you. Also, salaried people will have to deal with communication and coordination related problems with your superiors due to lack of recognition or encouragement required at present. If you are involved in business, then it will be very difficult for you during this period to fulfill the required goal to get high profits. But your every effort to improve the current situation in business and convert that situation into good results will be successful and for that you will earn profit from every effort you make. Financially, you will earn moderate money at this time. In such a situation, the possibility of saving your money for you is going to be less. Apart from this, some loss related to money is also possible due to some of their negligence.


For Virgo natives, you will not get the support of luck in your career, due to which you will be unable to get good benefits from your actions. At this time your opponents and your rivals will be very active and they will be seen conspiring against you by constantly planning conspiracy. But soon you will earn profit at your workplace by successfully defeating all their plans. However, in personal life, this time period of Venus setting in Leo will trouble you some lack of harmony in the relationship. Also due to lack of mutual understanding, some problems may also be faced with family members. In such a situation, it will be favorable for you to walk in harmony as much as possible. Along with this, the partner of some natives is also going to complain of constipation during this time. So take care of their health as much as possible. Apart from this, you are also advised to be careful about your health from the very beginning. For this, always eat a balanced diet and take food on time.


Libra, you will have to face some obstacles at the workplace. However, after these obstacles, you will see good progress in your work and achieve success. Along with this, there is also the possibility of getting unexpected benefits in the form of promotion. So in the beginning, try to keep yourself focused only and only towards your goals. On the other hand, if you are associated with business, then the business people will get success in getting the benefits slowly but surely at the workplace. With this your business will also expand and your position in the market will also be strengthened. Apart from this, from the financial side, the flow of money in your life will continue like this. But the more money you get, the faster your expenses will be seen and this may make it difficult for you to store your money. However, the possibility of unexpected monetary gains is also strong. In terms of health, there will be no major health problems in your life during this period. But you may have to face minor problems related to eyes and skin. So with this changing season take special care of your food and drink.


Scorpio Horoscope This time for the workplace may give you some challenges in relation to work temporarily. As your work may be neglected, you may have to deal with some problems due to co-workers. In such a situation, you can also create a mood to change jobs. But all these obstacles will not bother you for long. Because you are going to be able to solve every challenge on the strength of your hard work and understanding. But those people who are associated with business, there will be a possibility of getting very less profit than expected. Since you may face tough challenges from your competitors. In such a situation, you will earn profit, but the profit earned will not give you satisfaction and due to this, some mental stress is possible for you. You will not have any major physical problem in terms of health. But from this very beginning you may suffer from headache, fatigue and mental stress due to the ups and downs going on in your life.


There is a possibility of some delay in getting the support of luck in relation to work during this period in the field of Sagittarius. In such a situation, you will get success in whatever work you do, but it may take some time to get success. Since during this it may happen that you Get more support from seniors. Therefore, in such a situation, you have to continue your hard work and efforts with patience from the very beginning.On the other hand, those people who are associated with business, they are going to get only moderate benefits during this position of Venus. Because your opponents in the market will plan better than you giving you good competition. Due to which you will need more experience of an expert and your personnel. On the other hand, if you are in partnership business, then your business partners may not cooperate with you but try to give you trouble. Apart from this, there will be a possibility of improvement in your health in terms of health. But despite this, some people may have to face skin related problems due to heat.


Capricorn: You will feel some obstacles in getting success in your career. Especially for the employed people, this period is bringing many challenges. Whatever work they will do or will take the responsibility of, they are going to be unable to complete it. Also they may have to face some unwanted troubles from their co-workers as they may develop jealousy towards you because of your good performance. Apart from this, some people may lose their jobs and some may be forcibly transferred. In this way, due to relocation or transfer, there will also be chances of change in job. On the other hand, if you do business, then you may have to face both loss and profit situations in your business during this period due to the grace of Venus. Therefore, it would be better for you to avoid making any more risky investments, otherwise losses may increase and there will be a possibility of affecting your financial condition in the future. You are advised to change your business pattern and beware of your competitors.


At work, you will get immense success in everything you do and you will be seen moving ahead in your career by achieving your goals on time. Also, at this time you will be able to get more satisfaction from your success. Especially if you were facing trouble in completing any work in the past, then you will be able to complete it properly at this time. Apart from this, there may also be an opportunity to travel abroad in connection with work. However, some salaried people may face challenges due to problems in relations with their co-workers at the workplace. Those who are running their own business, they will get good opportunities to earn profit. But the benefits may not be massive. During this time you will get some new friends, who can support you in business. From the financial point of view also, you will get mixed results during Venus setting in Leo. Because this will be the time when you will gain money, but your expenses will also see an equally rapid increase. In such a situation, you are advised to buy anything by making a right budget plan while keeping control of your expenses in time.


Pisces zodiac sign will make chances for the natives to get favorable results at the workplace. In career, you will achieve progress by giving good performance with your better and consistent efforts. Due to which your income will also increase. However, many natives may also face some obstacles in the workplace due to lack of cooperation due to their co-workers. In such a situation, without paying attention to things here and there, keep yourself focused only towards your work. At the same time, those people who are associated with business, this time will give only moderate benefits. In such a situation, make sure to consult with a big or expert before making any investment. Since during this time your competitors will try to overtake you. So it will be in your hands how you see it and how you progress in your business. You will look very upset during this period due to digestion related problems and for this you may have to spend a large part of your money.


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