G-B7QRPMNW6J The month of April is going to be very important the zodiac changes of Jupiter and Saturn and Rahu-Ketu in this month
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The month of April is going to be very important the zodiac changes of Jupiter and Saturn and Rahu-Ketu in this month

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The month of April is going to be very important, the zodiac changes of Jupiter and Saturn and Rahu-Ketu in this month

The month of April is going to be very important the zodiac changes of Jupiter and Saturn and Rahu-Ketu in this month
The month of April is going to be very important the zodiac changes of Jupiter and Saturn and Rahu-Ketu in this month

The month of April is going to be very important in terms of planetary changes. In this month, the slowest moving planet Saturn will change its zodiac sign, as well as the biggest planet, Jupiter and the shadow planet Rahu-Ketu are also going to change their zodiac. After Saturn, Rahu is the only planet that changes zodiac after 18 months. Today we will tell you about Rahu's zodiac change. Rahu will leave Taurus and enter Aries, while Ketu will leave Scorpio and enter Libra.

The planet Rahu is the enemy of Aries and there is no enmity between Libra and Ketu. Actually, the ruling planet of Aries is Mars and enmity has been told in Mars-Rahu, while the ruling planet of Libra is Venus and if there is no friendship in Venus-Ketu then there is no enmity either. If seen in a way, Shukracharya, the deity of the planet Venus, is the adoration of demons, Rahu-Ketu comes under the category of demons, so Ketu and Venus can never be enemies in this way.

Rahu Transit in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the planet Rahu is considered special among all the nine planets. In astrology, Rahu is considered to be a confusing planet. Due to the influence of Rahu, there is a lot of turmoil in the mind of the people. Such people are lost and lost. Under the influence of Rahu, a person is likely to get into bad habits like gambling, drug addiction, bad addiction and illegal activities. However, it all depends on in which house Rahu is situated in the horoscope of the native. If Rahu is situated in a benefic house in a person's horoscope, it gives positive results and if it is situated in an inauspicious house, it gives negative results.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu represent the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move along the celestial sphere. Hence Rahu and Ketu are called the North Node of the Moon and the Southern Node of the Moon respectively. This is the reason that both these planets are always 180 degrees apart from each other and change their speed in different zodiac signs at the same time and on the same day.

Rahu and Ketu are jointly considered to symbolize the form of a snake. Where Rahu is the head of that snake, the rest of the snake's body is considered to be Ketu. Both these planets are of sinful nature and move in retrograde motion. In such a situation, on April 12, 2022, at 11:18 am, Rahu will transit in Aries and Ketu will transit in Libra.

Meaning of Rahu and Ketu Transit in Aries and Libra

It is said that when Rahu transits in Aries, it exemplifies the qualities of Aries. It is the first sign of the zodiac that represents itself so it can be expected that this transit of Rahu in Aries can make people a little selfish. It is possible that as a result of this transit, you may feel self-centered. That is, during this time you will focus more on thinking only about yourself, what do you need? how are you looking? And so on.

On the other hand, Ketu will transit in Libra. Libra is considered the sign of partnership. In such a situation, under the influence of Ketu transit in Libra, people may feel detached from their commitments. Whether we talk about business partnership or personal relationships, the effect of this transit of Ketu will be seen on both.

Effects of Rahu and Ketu transits in Aries and Libra on India and the world

For the betterment of the image around the world, many countries will be seen spending money to increase their power.

Many political alliances or partnerships may come to an end.

People may lose interest in religion and mythology and appear more inclined towards the materialistic world.

Effect of the transit of Rahu and Ketu on the people of Aries and Libra

People will become self-centred and think more of themselves.

The habit of showing off can increase in people.

Non-faithful partnership whether it is business or personal will come to an end.

Apart from this, this will be a test time for loyal partnership, during this time people may face tough times but the good thing here is that people will not end their relationship/partnership.

Transit of Rahu and Ketu in Aries and Libra and its Horoscope Effects

Aries: For the people of Aries, this will prove to be a time when you can be seen doing more work on yourself. You will see a sudden increase in energy and confidence in your life but you need to be cautious here. Because by focusing so much on yourself, keep in mind that you do not become mean and selfish. Do not ignore others and avoid arguing or fighting with your life partner. Apart from this, it is also advised not to cheat your business partner.

For you, Rahu's zodiac changes are going to transit in the second house of the Ascendant. Due to this reason, there will be a lot of change in the professional and family life of the people of Aries. There will be a lot of upheaval in the life of the employed people. Avoid investing any kind of money during this period. While doing the job, restraint and do not make your speech too harsh and bitter. This transit of Rahu will see a change in your financial conditions.

Rahu's transit can make you a little confused and distracted, due to which you may face difficulties in taking any decision. Your Jha due to the transit of Rahu

The inhibition can be towards starting something new or doing something unique. During this time your health will also see a decline.

Taurus: The natives of Taurus zodiac can go away from their home or motherland during this period. If you are planning to go abroad for your work or want to change the workplace, then this time is going to be favorable for this. However, you are advised to be cautious in terms of health. Due to carelessness, you may have to spend more on your health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you are advised to eat properly and take good sleep.

Gemini: During this time, the people of Gemini can be very passionate about fulfilling their desires and earning more money, expanding their social circle and building the network for their life. But because of this, you can ignore your love affairs due to which you may have to suffer. Apart from this, you may also have to face some trouble with your children during this time period. If you are a student, then it is possible that during this time there will be some obstacles in your studies. So be careful.

Cancer: While Cancer natives are more focused on their professional life during this transit period, you may neglect your domestic or family life. Due to which your life can be disturbed. You are advised to be more careful regarding the health of the mother. Talking on a materialistic level, if you want to change your house or change your car, then this time can prove to be favorable for this.

Leo: During the time of Leo native will show more interest in other religions or mythology of any other country. The people of this zodiac who were willing to travel abroad may get an auspicious opportunity in this context during this transit. However, you are advised to be a little conscious about your father's health. Apart from this, you will also need to maintain your balance with your siblings. Otherwise there may be some rift between you.

Virgo: During this period of transit, the people of Virgo will need to be more careful as the transit is going to happen in your second and eighth axis. During this time, your speech can become very bitter, due to which you will see the increase of troubles and uncertainties in your life. Apart from this, you are advised to eat the right food. Otherwise alcohol or excessive oily food can create health related problems in your life and can also create chances of accidents.

Libra: This will prove to be a time for the people of Libra when you will not care about yourself for others. During this time, you will be seen more passionate about your partner, marital relationship, business partnership, which cannot be called very good. You are advised that you do not have enough space and time to grow your partner and also give proper attention to yourself. Otherwise you may have to face serious problems like health problems and lack of self-confidence.

Scorpio: This transit period will be favorable for Scorpio natives because if you have been battling with any dispute or legal matters for a long time, then the results are likely to come in your favor, so it is advised that during this transit Whatever the problem is, try to solve it. Apart from this, the transit of Ketu in the twelfth house will make you more inclined towards spirituality and meditation.

Sagittarius: Rahu's transit is going to happen in the fifth house for the people of Sagittarius, which will help you to be extremely creative. In such a situation, for the people of Sagittarius who belong to the field of art, this time period will prove to be very spectacular. However, if you are a Sagittarius native and are pregnant, then you will need to be cautious during this time. Otherwise you may have to face some kind of complication in pregnancy. Apart from this, you can also consider and decide to reduce some wrong friends in your friend circle.

Capricorn: The native of Capricorn will be confused between their professional life and personal life and you may find it difficult to find or strike a balance between these two. You are advised to remove clutter from your work and keep your life in order.

Aquarius: Natives of Aquarius sign will be able to learn new art of communication during this time. Apart from this, you will feel the power to hypnotize anyone inside you. During this time your communication skills are going to be so great that on its own you will be able to get your work done by anyone. Apart from this, during this time you will also look very practical, due to which your faith in religion may end. You are advised to pay more attention to your father's health.

Pisces: This transit is going to happen in your 2nd and 8th axis for Pisces natives, due to which you will want to eat more food. Even you will feel the habit of drinking too much in you which increases the chances of getting health related problems and accidents in your life. Apart from this, the habit of lying can also develop inside you, due to which your image can also be spoiled.

Remedies to reduce the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu during this period

Recite Durga Chalisa or chant “Om Durgaya Namah” 27 times a day.

Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday and offer Boondi Prasad to Hanuman ji.


Chant "Om Ketve Namah".

Chant "Om Rahve Namah".

Feed stray dogs and fish.

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