G-B7QRPMNW6J Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman
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Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman

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Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman

Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman
Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman


In ancient times when the sages were aware of the vastu principles, they used to use them in day-to-day life as well. Vastu for them did not mean only the architecture part. It actually meant that they wanted balance of all the forces of nature in everything they did. Over a period of time, the vastu principles became a part of the culture and all actions done by even ordinary people were in line with vastu. Even the rulers had royal astrologers who would give the advice about these things.

One of the major areas of daily life is the giving and taking of gifts. Even in ancient times, this was prevalent. But it was limited in the sense that the availability of items in those times was limited and people used to lead a simple life. But the gifts were of prescribed nature for specific occasions. Why? The reason is vastu. These prescribed things were gifted and were accepted, as they would not change the pattern of energy and natural forces for the person taking them. Over a period of time these things became common and are even visible in the form of customary gifts for occasions. For example, in most of the cultures it is customary to gift clothes on the birth of a child.

It has also been observed that certain gifts are being exchanged these days for no specific occasion. The person should be aware of the items which are being gifted. The person accepting them should also be careful these days as there are innumerable items which may not pass the test as gifts as per the canons of vastu. This has a strong correlation with astrology as well. Astrology also tells you the effects of various planets. The effects of natural forces of these planets affecting us decides our way of thinking and the way we work in society. This is unique to every individual. Hence, this aspect must be given due consideration while selecting and taking gifts. An item rejected by one is liked by the other is an indication that different forces operate for different people.


All eatable sweet items are ruled by Jupiter. Gifting of such things is recommended. Jupiter rules over fat also. These items like chocolates, pastries, and sweets contain butter and ghee invariably. Such items are Jupiter personified. Jupiter is the biggest benefic planet and items of Jupiter will always bring good effects. All auspicious occasions involve distribution of sweets because of this reason. Gifting Jupiter items along with some of the other malefic gifts is also recommended as it reduces the malefic effects.

Even in other civilizations and cultures, auspicious occasions are celebrated by distributing sweets and confectionery. Jupiter being a planet denoting expansion through progress, it is beneficial to gift such items, as it will boost growth.

Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman
Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman


There are many items made of leather which are gifted by people. Leather purses, shoes, bags and even items for decoration purposes alone. These items are primarily rules by the planet Ketu.Leather belts are fully Ketu. Gifting of such items is like gifting Ketu to a person. As per Vedic system, it does not augur well for a person to receive such items. Ketu is a malefic planet and for limited natives, it gives good results. Such gifts can increase the Ketu energies in the house which leads to misery and even poverty in many cases. Ketu is unpredictable. It can give extreme results in many cases. It has been observed by many people that they suffer financial loss whenever they use a wallet. This is due to ketu acting in full flow. In many cases, the effects can be slow. Leather belts are in a similar way very unpredictable. Some officers have been known to occupy high positions when they started wearing belt. They occupy powerful positions with symbols of power like flag car, red beacon light. Ketu represents Dhwaja.It gives such results where it is favourable. On the other hand loss of power and prestige, transfer to a place or to a post where the person wanders have also been seen with the use of belts.

Leather products are also prohibited inside the temples as they represent malefic things. The only way to avoid the malefic influence of these products is that one should bring Jupiter items along with the Ketu item. It would be a good idea if both items are gifted together as it takes away the malefic influence to a large extent. For example, if a box of sweets is gifted along with leather items, it can help ward off the evil effects of Ketu.


In modern times a flourishing trade is perfume industry. Every shopping arcade has innumerable number of fragrances displayed for sale. People gift these items on every occasion these days. Even in old times it was a practice to gift Ittar which is nothing but perfume. Venus is also a great benefic planet and perfumes are the domain of Venus. Such gifts are recommended as in most of the cases it has no ill effects.

There are some exceptions to this also. For certain natives, Venus is strong marak planet. In such natives, use and accepting gifts of perfume can trigger ill health and sometimes aggravate a dormant health condition. But these are very rare cases and one can understand ill effects himself. In such cases, donating these perfumes can help. Some fragrances like sandal are to be used with caution. Although it is very much ruled by Venus but it is known to attract serpents. This fragrance carries the influence of Rahu as well. It is better to avoid those perfumes which have sandal-based fragrance as Rahu’s effect can have malefic influence on the native using it.


Another item which is frequently gifted by people is the clothes. Various items of clothes are under the influence of various planets. The clothes above the waist and the waistbands are ruled by Ketu. Clothes below the waist are ruled by Rahu. But gifting of a unstitched piece of cloth is recommended as it is ruled by Sun Jupiter combined. Jupiter being a benefic gives no ill effect.

Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman
Best Gift Itams ka Vyapar Karani Kai Liyai Jyotish kai Anusar Chune Vastuen aur Saman

Certain items of cloth like stripes and check pattern for clothes like shirts and kurtas are specially Ketu clothes. Such items should not be gifted and if the native has malefic influence of Ketu in his chart, then it can actually prove very malefic. Trousers of Black and Blue colour are ruled by Rahu. Rahu is also a malefic planet. Hence, it is recommended that stitched clothes of above type should be avoided as gifts.

There is one exception to this rule. If clothes are gifted by father to a daughter or daughter’s children or son in law, then there is no dosha. The reason being that it is considered as alms( Daan) rather a gift. Person accepting this will have no suffering.

Clothes made of coarse cloth like KHADI are ruled by Sun. It is recommended to gift them as it gives boost to the energy of the recipient. Sun being life force, is never malefic in such type of gifts. It gives majesty to the forces operating in the life of the recipient. Similarly, white silk clothes are ruled by Moon. These also can be gifted and carry no malefic effect . The reason being Sun and Moon both planets neutralize the effect of Rahu and Ketu in clothing. Gifting unstitched silk cloth is like gifting Venus. Venus is benefic and this gift is highly recommended. Similarly other fine quality of cloth is also ruled by Venus. Gifting them is generally very good.


Blankets of dark colour are ruled by Rahu. Blankets having check and stripes are under heavy influence of Ketu. These should never be gifted. Even the blankets of Fur are also governed by Ketu. Fur jackets, Leather Jackets are also Ketu articles. These gifts can create disturbances and can trigger misery for a native. These are not recommended.

Ties are also an item which are gifted frequently. The tie is a symbol of serpent and it is a Ketu article. For those natives where it is benefic, ties are beneficial. But Ketu being malefic, these should be avoided as gifts. It has been observed in cases where the natives get power and position due to Ketu position in their charts, ties as a gift can give immense boost to the prestige of the native. This is typical of Ketu trait. But generally if it is not sure, then it should be avoided.

Leather purses and wallets are also under the influence of Ketu. But these can be gifted along with Jupiter articles like Sweets and confectionery. Jupiter is the only planet which can tame the malefic influence of Ketu.

Woolen clothes are the domain of Sun. The square type of stitching of a three-piece suit is typical of Sun. These articles of Sun are recommended. These influence the recipient in a positive way always. They tend to enhance self-esteem and body felicity of the native. The person feels commanding influence in life. It can be felt by any person that whenever he wears a three-piece suit, he feels more confident in dealing with worldly affairs. This is Sun influence. Sweaters made of thick wool are also good gift items.

Shoes are also Ketu articles. In many cultures, it is forbidden to take or gift shoes. The reason being obvious that it brings Ketu atmosphere in the house and hence it is not recommended.


One of the biggest items as a gift has been Dry fruits like Almonds,Cashews,and Walnut etc. In India, it is highly prevalent during festival season to gift these items. This is all pervasive influence in all communities in India.

These articles increase heat in the body if eaten and are under the influence of Sun. They are Rajasi items and hence bring in royal influence for the recipient. They are recommended. The best way is to pack them in a royal manner to enhance the effects for the recipient. These items energize the household and a whole positive flow of energy is created which is very beneficial. Since these are consumable items, the influence is very short lived. But still it does bring positive energy.


Many times certain articles are gifted and even used as display by people which have royal association. For example, the Ashoka capital of four lions .This being the royal symbol of India, can affect the person. Many people keep it on their worktables and sometimes display in their offices. There are other royal symbols of various erstwhile maharajas and royal families of the other countries and of the past. These are also being used today.

These symbols have Sun inherent in it in a lopsided way. Sun in these items only cares for royal people. It means that for persons in royal position and powerful positions like Ministers, Government officers, Police officers ,such symbols work positively. But it can act negatively for these people when it is used in residences as the residence is not part of his royal association. The other people in the house will suffer due to ill effects of Sun then. The native himself may not suffer.

For ordinary people, it is not recommended that they should use such articles as Sun here will always bring its fiery nature to play. Ordinary people will suffer from heat related diseases.

Another article is the use of country flag in offices and homes out of patriotism. This is also forbidden. Flag is Ketu in full sense of the term. Many people get positions of power due to Rajyoga effects of Ketu and get to use flags e.g. diplomats,Ambassadors,District Magistrates,Ministers,Presidents etc. Here Ketu behaves very powerfully and much like Mars. People in powerful position can derive good effects due to such flags. It enhances their prestige, position and gives them good command over people. But for ordinary people, it is reverse. They will start to feel diseases of the blood and circulation. Ill effects of Mars like burns ,cuts ,wounds and in those cases where Mars is malefic for the native, even accidents which will lead to surgeries. It is recommended that Flags should not be displayed in places of residence at all and even for ordinary people in offices also it should be avoided.

However, in case ordinary people are having a business meeting or negotiation with foreign people or delegation in business or non-royal/Government setup, display of country flag is recommended. Here it enhances the power of negotiation, gives command over the other group and provides force in the arguments and helps the negotiating teams.


All types of ornaments and jewellery comes under the influence of Venus. Venus is a great benefic. Hence in day-to-day affairs, gifting of Jewellery and ornaments is recommended. Since this brings in the influence of Venus and enhances prosperity, luxury etc.

There is great confusion about the studded jewellery amongst people and even astrologers and Vastu consultants. Most of the jewellery using various precious and semi precious stones is domain of Venus. The reason being that the size of these stones used in ornaments is too small to give the effects of that stone on the native. The only exception being very expensive jewellery made of bigger stones where one requires proper consultation before using it. Jewellery not worn but kept in the almirah or safe is Venus kept there and benefic effects of Venus flow. But if this jewellery is worn regularly, then it can adversely affect the native and consultation with competent astrologer should be done before using it.


Books and learning material are ruled by Jupiter. Wisdom and knowledge are the domain of the Jupiter. These items are recommended as these bring the benefic influence of Jupiter for the recipient.


Many times a person would gift an article like nail cutter,Khukhri knife,sword,spear etc. These are sharp objects and have a tendency to produce cutting effect and are fierce also. These are ruled by Mars and as we know it is benefic for very few people as it is a fiery planet. Such articles lead to ill effects of Mars. One may suffer burns,cuts,wounds,accident ,and surgery. Strained relations with the person gifting it are also observed.

Some of these articles have been known to produce dramatically positive effects in certain individuals. Those natives who are working in martial professions like armed forces, police ,martial arts trainer and all types of aggressive sports derive benefit from the effects of such gifts. Many officers in the forces have got unexpected promotions after receiving such gifts. But these are very few cases and for practical purposes such articles should be avoided.


Many times people during a visit to tribal and remote areas bring souvenirs and gifts of that culture for their friends and relatives. This is a very tricky affair .All tribal culture things are under the influence of Ketu.It is not advisable to keep such gifts as they bring malefic influence of Ketu with them. It can be a spear, some instrument, some tool or tribal jewellery etc. The best way is to donate it to a museum and never use it. Ketu in this form entering the forces of your home can disturb the equilibrium. Even people with strong and powerful Ketu in Rajyoga position have been found suffering. Effects of Ketu in such cases are denial of progeny , impairment of sense of smell, loss of wealth leading to penury, dog bites leading to rabies etc.


Vehicle as a gift is not very common but still it is prevalent. Vehicles which fall in luxury class like cars etc. are ruled by Venus. It is good to gift and receive such a gift as prosperity and benefic forces are energized by them. It generally leads to other comforts and luxuries associated with Venus like good clothes, food etc.

Vehicles like bicycle are actually governed by Mars. But this is also benefic as Mars in this mechanical form shows progressive effects. But fall from a bicycle and getting bruise and cuts is also experienced. But even then, it gives growth in physical field, sports and activities requiring effort ,aggressive attitude in job profile.


One of the most popular gift item for children is toys. These days innumerable types of toys are available and it is difficult to comment upon all such toys. However, those toys which enhance learning and develop the faculties of children fall within Jupiter domain ,and are very benefic for children.

The toys which are mechanical in nature are ruled by Mars and are also benefic. This is because they enhance the scientific temper, analytical abilities of the child which is typical positive effect of Mars. In this form Mars is positive but still can hurt. Everybody has seen that with these toys children do suffer by poking their fingers inside some moving object and get hurt. It is Mars acting but then they learn not to do it again, this also is Mars teaching analytical abilities.


Many times on festive occasion, it is common to gift some household electrical gadget like Oven,mixer,heater,toaster etc. All these items use electricity and have heating effect and fall within the domain of Mars as such primarily. Those items which have glowing heating element have Sun influence on them as well like electric ovens etc.These items produce positive Mars energy in the household. They give boost to efficiency in the kitchen which also is ruled by Mars. The Mars is positive here and gives speed ,efficiency to the working environment. It generally energizes the environment. The danger of getting burns etc. are there due to Mars. But the positive forces outweigh it. Such gifts are recommended.


These items of cosmetics and beauty products are Venus items. Venus being benefic, it is advisable to gift them and also accept such gifts. Barring exceptional cases, use of these gifts enhances the self-esteem. It appeases the planet Venus and which bestows upon the native other luxuries and comforts of life.


Gifting of these items like share certificates and bonds is also common these days. These are Venus items and are benefic. It boosts the income and also bestows other luxury items of life. It gives good relations with the spouse and helps alleviate health problems of the spouse. These things should be kept in a place where it opens towards North direction for enhancing income as Lord of wealth rules North. Just keeping them is benefic even if the value of shares or Bond may be going down.


All wines and liquors are ruled by Venus. There is confusion in some people’s mind that it is ruled by Rahu. But it arises only because of misconception about liquors. All crude liquors, country made liquors, bootlegged liquor is under Rahu. But wines and bottled liquor is Venus article and such articles were partaken by even Gods as per ancient scriptures. Gifting of this bottled wines and liquors is recommended. It boosts the forces which deliver other luxuries like good food, fine clothes etc.

On the other hand rare wines and scotches etc are ruled by Sun as well. Sun here is not fiery but acts in a royal manner. These are expensive also and are enjoyed rarely on some special occasions. These as gifts enhance the prestige of a person. It is a big boost if such expensive liquor is served by a native as it commands appreciation which leads to better relations with people in position of power ,authority and such like effects.


All kinds of steel utensils are gifted these days. Even fancy items of steel are gifted in a big way. These items are the domain of Saturn and Mars. Steel being made out of Iron ore is partially ruled by Saturn. Actually all crude form of Iron and steel utensils are Saturn dominated but refined kitchenware and utility items made of fine grade steel have Mars also influencing.

As long as the steel items are utility like utensils etc.,it is recommended to gift them. But sharp items like knives and forks which are parts of cutlery sets are not advisable. As here the separative effects of Mars come to fore. There can be strain in relations between the recipient and the person gifting the item.


Wooden furniture items are gifted by many people but how do they affect the native is not known to many people. Wood is ruled by Jupiter and as such gifting furniture will bring auspicious forces in the house and will bring prosperity and luck to the inmates of the house.


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