G-B7QRPMNW6J Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram : Lord Shri Ram accepting Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan
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Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram : Lord Shri Ram accepting Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan

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Lord Shri Ram accepting Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan
Lord Shri Ram accepting Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan

Lord Shri Ram accepting Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan

This story is not described in Valmiki Ramayana and Tulsikrit Ramayana, but this story is in Maharishi Kamban's #Iramavataram# written in Tamil language.

(Amazing incident, an emotional incident, must read)

Ravana was not only a devotee of Shiva, a scholar, and a brave man, he was also a super-humanist..! He knew the future..! He knew that it was impossible for him to win over Shri Ram..!

When Shri Ram easily killed Khar-Dushan, Ravana's thoughts are also written in Tulsi's Manas -!

Khar Dusan Mo Sam Balvanta.!

I will die without God.!!

खर दूसन मो   सम   बलवंता.!

तिनहि को मरहि बिनु भगवंता.!!

Ravana sent Jamwant ji to Lanka to invite him for #Acharyatva#..!

Jamwant Ji was tall, he was slightly smaller in size than Kumbhakarna. Even the guards in Lanka were showing the way with folded hands. In this way, Jamwant did not have to ask anything from anyone. Seeing Ravana himself undertaking to greet him at the royal gate, Jamwant smiled and said that I am not deserving of greetings. I have come as a messenger of the forest dweller Ram. He has given you respectful greetings.

Ravana said politely -

You are our grandfather's brother.! In this respect, you are our worshipper. Please take your seat! If you accept my request, then only I will be able to listen to your message carefully.

Jamwant did not object. He took the seat. Ravana also took his place. Thereafter, Jamwant again said that after the construction of the ocean bridge, the forest dweller Ram now wants to establish the Maheshva-Linga-Vigraha as soon as possible. To complete this ritual, he has expressed his desire to elect Brahmin, Vedagya, and Shaiva Ravana for the post of Acharya.

"I have come to invite you on their behalf.!"

Greetings.! After reaction and expression, Ravana asked in a smiling tone..!

"Is the establishment of Maheshva-Linga-Vigraha by Ram with the wish of conquering Lanka..?"

"Absolutely right.. Shri Ram has complete devotion at the feet of Maheshwar..!"

For the first time in life, someone has considered Ravana as a Brahmin and considered him worthy of becoming an Acharya. Would Ravana want to be called so foolish that he would refuse the invitation of the host of Maharishi Vashishtha, the real brother of India's first acclaimed Maharishi Pulastya, and the post of Acharya to establish his worship?

Ravana controlled himself and said - "You come! The host is a proper officer. He knows how to protect his messenger. Tell Ram that I have accepted his leadership!"

Immediately after bidding farewell to Jamwant, Lankesh ordered the servants to collect the necessary materials and himself reached Ashok Vatika. It is the supreme duty of the Acharya to collect the necessary materials which the host could not provide. Ravana knows what the forest dweller Ram has and what should be there.

As soon as Ravana reached Ashoka garden, he told Sita that Ram was going to establish the Maheshwar Linga idol on the sea shore with the wish of conquering Lanka and had chosen Ravana as Acharya..!

"It is also the responsibility of the Acharya to ensure that the rituals of the host are complete. You know that all the rituals of the household remain incomplete without the better half. The plane is coming, sit on it. Keep in mind that you are there also in the name of Ravana. You will remain under control. After the completion of the rituals, board the plane again to come here.!”

Swami's Acharya means one's own Acharya.

Knowing this, Janaki ji folded both her hands and bowed her head.

Saying “May you be blessed” with a healthy voice, Ravana raised both his hands and gave full blessings.

Ravana along with Sita and other necessary equipment landed on the beach through the sky.

Saying "Come when ordered", he left Sita on the plane and himself reached in front of Ram.

Lord Shri Ram accepts Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan.

Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram

After receiving the message from Jamwant, Shri Ram along with his brother, friends, and army were already ready to welcome him. As soon as he appeared in front of the forest dweller Ram, he saluted Acharya Dashagriva with folded hands.

"May you live long! May Lanka be victorious!"

दीर्घायु भव.! लंका विजयी भव.!"

Dashagriva's words of blessing shocked everyone.

He ignored not only Sugriva but also Vibhishana. As if they are not there!

After purifying the land, Ravanacharya said..!

Lord Shri Ram accepting Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan
Lord Shri Ram accepting Ravana as Acharya for Rameshwaram Devasthan

The demand of Lankadhish Ravana

"Host! Where is the better half? Give her a seat in her place!"

Shri Ram, bowing his head and folding his hands, prayed in a very humble voice, that if the host is unable, then in the absence of the best option, the Yogyacharya can perform the rituals with other equivalent options..!

"Certainly, certainly, but this is possible in the absence of other options, not in the absence of the main option. It would have been possible if you were unmarried, widowed, or abandoned. Apart from all this, you are not even a Sanyasi and you have also taken the path of wifeless Vanaprastha. You have not taken a fast. How can you perform rituals without a wife in these circumstances?

"Any solution Acharya?"

"The Acharya takes back the necessary instruments and equipment after the rituals. If you accept, send someone. The host wife is seated in the Pushpak Viman near the ocean.!"

Shri Ram silently accepted this best solution with folded hands and bowed head. In compliance with Shri Ram's order, Vibhishana along with the ministers went to Pushpak Viman and returned with Sita.

"Sit beside Ardh Yajmaan, Ardh Yajmaan.."

Vaidehi followed this order of Acharya.

After worshiping Ganpati, installing Kalash, and worshiping Navagraha, Acharya asked - Linga Deity?

the host requested Naya Gone.! Shri Sitaram installed the same Maheshwar Linga-Vigraha.

Acharya performed the rituals with complete rituals.

Now comes the turn of Acharya's Dakshina..!

Dakshina of Ravana who became Acharya in Rameshwaram Devasthan?

Shri Ram asked - "Your Dakshina?"

Once again everyone was shocked... Acharya's words...

"Don't worry, host! Dakshina cannot be the property of the lord of Swarnapuri! Acharya knows that his host is currently a forest dweller.."

"But still Ram promises to fulfill whatever his Acharya's demands are."

"When the Acharya takes his death bed, the host should be present before him..." Acharya asked for his Dakshina.!

"It will happen like this Acharya.!" The host made a promise and when the time came, he fulfilled it.      

        " Raghukul's tradition has always been followed.

        "Life may be lost but promise should not be lost.!"   

      " रघुकुल रीति सदा चली आई.!

       " प्राण जाई पर वचन न जाई.!!"      

After seeing and hearing this scene, the whole community present was filled with tears of love. Everyone together in one voice saluted this wonderful Acharya with true devotion.

What could be a greater Dakshina than the Dakshina that a visionary like Ravana asked for? Ravana, who can present Ram's captive wife to the enemy to complete the Yagya, how can he ask for Dakshina from Ram for her return?

(It is written in Rameshwaram Devasthan that this Jyotirlinga was established by Shri Ram through Ravana)

, This is a Brahmin form of Ravana which is respectable!! 

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