G-B7QRPMNW6J Do you know why Ganesh ji is called Morya by Ganpati Bappa
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Do you know why Ganesh ji is called Morya by Ganpati Bappa

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Do you know why Ganesh ji is called Morya by Ganpati Bappa?

Do you know why Ganesh ji is called Morya
Do you know why Ganesh ji is called Morya

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Devotee Moraya Goswami was from a small village in Karnataka, he was a great devotee of Lord Ganesha, he saw Lord Ganesha in every living being. If someone killed a rat in his house and threw it out, he used to cremate it, saying that it was the vehicle of Lord Ganesha.

If a swan was found dead, it would be cremated, any bird or any living creature would be found dead, it would be cremated.

The saint remained engrossed in his devotion to Ganesha, he loved all the living beings very much and the living beings also loved him equally, anyway when one loves the Lord then one also loves all the living beings.

After some time he left Karnataka and came to Maharashtra. Here also the same daily routine of devotee Morya Ganesh ji, same service, same work. Perform the last rites of any creature found dead, meditate on Lord Ganesha, and have love and devotion towards Lord Ganesha.

Now the villagers here also started teasing him with his actions, they expelled the saint from the village, Ganesh ji started taking him out of the village holding his hand, then the saint said to God, God, you stay here, let yourself be established here. Well be the villagers, so Ganesh ji listened to his words and told his grandson Amod that he should stay with the saint, then Amod kept walking holding the hand of devotee Moraya Goswami ji. In this way, Saint Morya Goswami Ji was expelled from eight villages by the villagers, and Ganesh Ji was installed in the form of Ashta Vinayak in the same eight villages.

At the last moment, Ganeshji appeared to devotee Morya and asked him what do you want, tell me whatever wish you have, it will be fulfilled, then the devotee said, Lord, my name should be united with your name.

Then he took Samadhi alive. Since then it has been said, Ganpati Bappa Morya... Ganesh ji becomes happy by saying Ganpati Bappa Morya.

Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangalmurti Morya.🙏

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