G-B7QRPMNW6J Budh Gochar 2023: By entering Capricorn on Feb 7 Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Budh Gochar 2023: By entering Capricorn on Feb 7 Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Budh Gochar 2023
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Mercury transit in Capricorn

According to the Hindu Panchang, Mercury, who is called the "Crown Prince" of the planets, will leave Sagittarius on February 7 and enter Shani Dev's Capricorn at 7.11 am. Where the Sun is already there, as a result, from February 7, the Rajyoga named Budhaditya formed by Sun and Mercury in Capricorn will be extremely beneficial for these five zodiac signs. In such a situation, the stars of many zodiac signs will remain exalted. Sun and Mercury signs will benefit from their knowledge, experience, and ability to speak. The transit of Mercury in Capricorn from February 7 to February 22 will benefit the zodiac signs.

The transit of Mercury is going to take place in Capricorn, ruled by the Earth element, Saturn. The transit of Mercury in Capricorn will give different results in different forms to different creatures of the world. Mercury is called the factor of speech. This gives us statistical power. This Mercury is the factor of our intelligence and gives us the logical ability. How well we are able to analyze something is all based on Mercury. If the planet Mercury is in a bad state, then a person can make anyone an enemy with his speech and can pierce a weapon like a spear. On the other hand, if Mercury is in a good position, then the person can make others his own with his sweet speech. This is the special identity of the planet Mercury.

Mercury has been considered the factor of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha tridoshas. It rules over two zodiac signs, the first of which is Gemini and the second is Virgo. It is considered to be exalted in Virgo and this is also its Moola Trikona Rashi. Whereas Mercury in Pisces is considered to be debilitated. This is the only planet that is considered to be exalted at certain degrees in its zodiac sign. The planet Mercury has great importance in our lives as well, which we get a chance to recognize from time to time.

Aries zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Aries and Ascendant

You will benefit from the transit of Mercury in Capricorn. You will be able to achieve good things in your professional sphere with the help of Mercury, thanks to your courage and strength. You will get benefits in the field of employment. During this time if you are looking for work then you can get employment. Success in the workplace will undoubtedly be the result of personal efforts. This is a really beneficial period for those who are employed. Promotion is also possible. If you do business then there is a possibility of money gain. You will win and your opponents will lose. During this time you will be more likely to get successful in every field. Family life will be happy and fulfilling and you may be successful in your endeavors to buy real estate.

Remedy: It is advised to water the Tulsi plant daily and its leaves should be consumed.

Taurus zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Taurus and Ascendant

You're probably going to acquire medium-sized fruits when Mercury is in Capricorn. In this period, your good fortune may wane and your planned work may not proceed as intended, costing you money. You might feel a little down because of your lack of luck and money and think that you could have accomplished more if only you had those things, but your life will continue because of God's grace. 

Numerous issues could arise for you. Father-daughter relationships may also be impacted. 

During this transit period, you will have the opportunity to go a big distance, but you will only be successful if you proceed cautiously and fully prepared. There will undoubtedly be opportunities for financial gain during this, and your in-laws will also provide helpful assistance. They will assist you if you are working on something that requires them.

Remedy: On Wednesday, ask transgender people for their blessings and give them something green.

Gemini zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Gemini and Ascendant

The Gemini individuals will be able to achieve success as a result of the impact of this Mercury transit. Your life will start experiencing some unexpectedly wonderful happenings, which will make you feel content. Gaining money quickly will make you very happy. There's a potential that money will come to you from places like this that you never even anticipated. This will enable you to finish all of your tasks and feel satisfied. You'll begin to experience achievement and triumph in your work. Additionally, you'll experience satisfaction in your head. The social situation you are in will significantly improve. There will be a large number of friends. Your relationships with your in-laws will improve, and you'll notice that they support you in your career and value your input. However, the Mercury in Capricorn transit could also cause you to experience minor health issues.

Remedy: Spend some time in tune with nature and add a few houseplants.

Cancer zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Cancer and Ascendant

As a result of Mercury's transit through Capricorn, your chances of success are moderate. It will be advantageous to steer clear of any discussion or disagreement from the feminine side during this. Marriage may become more tense, and a disagreement with one's spouse or spouses may occur. It won't benefit you, so try to avoid it as much as you can. You might experience bodily issues at this time. You may experience irrational dread from senior members of your staff or individuals working for the government, and if you have acted improperly, this worry may later prove to be real. Traveling during this time should be avoided at all costs because it may cost you money instead of bringing you benefit. The business will also be moderate during this time.

Remedy: You should give the cow green food or fodder each day.

Leo zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Leo and Ascendant

People who were born in Leo will benefit from Mercury's transit through Capricorn. Your individual physical strength will help you. The amount of effort you put in will determine how well you fare. 

Your adversaries will cease bothering you and calm down. You will advance in every area. If you do your job well, you'll achieve success in your area and become more dominant at work. You might advance in your position. Expenses will undoubtedly increase, so you'll need to keep an eye on that.

After making a capital investment, business owners will have the opportunity to make a healthy profit. You will triumph over your adversaries and enemies. You will be able to pay back any bank loans you may have obtained during this time. You'll start seeing success in your career, which will make you extremely content. This will be accompanied by a feeling of fulfillment in one's personal life.

Remedy: On Wednesday, place white flowers on Saraswati Mata and Radha ji's images or idols and do their proper worship.

Virgo zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Virgo and Ascendant

Mercury will make a conflicting impact on your life throughout its passage through the fifth house. Your mind will get increasingly restless throughout this time. You'll experience mental instability. Your mind will suddenly become filled with an unknown fear. You should refrain from arguing with your kids during this period as doing so can make you more stressed out and cause fights. You may develop more ego, and there's a potential that your greed will grow as well. This won't be in your favor, and it might even make you mad at yourself. You might have to roll papad to convince them. If you and your partner are in a relationship, communicate well. Talk to them about it because many of your actions could make them feel bad, which could be detrimental to your relationship. Maintain your confidence, but avoid being an overconfident victim during this time because your income will climb significantly.

Remedy: Wear an emerald stone in a gold ring on your little finger on a Wednesday during Shukla Paksha. The stone should weigh between 4 and 5 carats.

Libra zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Libra and Ascendant

Mercury's passage through Capricorn will be advantageous for Libra inhabitants. You'll experience a wide range of happiness. You will receive Mercury's favors, and your mother's health will get better. Additionally, your relationships with them will improve. She will show you more love than ever before, it will be seen. You will profit financially. The desire to receive money will come true. You may also purchase any form of movable or immovable property during this time. You will gain from that as well. If you currently reside overseas, you may do so. Hopefully, the stalled projects will move forward more quickly. The family environment will be joyful and peaceful. You'll be in the company of decent folks. There may also be opportunities to purchase a property during this. Both physical fitness and health issues will improve. Therefore, the effects of Mercury's transit through Capricorn will be quite positive for Libra residents. Both in your personal and professional life, you will give your family good care.

Remedy: Recite the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra every day as a cure.

Scorpio zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Scorpio and Ascendant

Due to Mercury's passage, you will experience issues with your rivals during this time. Your opponents will make every effort to cause you grief. During this time, if you carry out any work that is against government policy, you will encounter issues and concerns. The government may impose any new taxes on you or may send you a notice regarding any existing taxes. Since you'll be more inclined to them at this time, you should stay away from unethical behavior. As a result, you can experience a lot of pain in the future. will have friends' support. Your friendship circle will grow. Your network of friends will expand throughout this period. You'll see your friends supporting you. Sibling relationships might suffer a negative impact. Your actions and interactions with them can become sour. Your ability to communicate will be in good shape at this time. Making it more welcoming will help you.

Remedy: Recite the Shri Ram Raksha Stotra every day as a cure.

Sagittarius zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Sagittarius and Ascendant

Mercury's Ascendant Transit in Capricorn and the sign of Sagittarius can be advantageous for you. 

However, difficulties will materialize in some instances. Both making money and saving money are likely to be successful endeavors for you. Your self-confidence will progressively rise along with your cash account, but you must be extremely careful about how you behave while speaking to anyone because situations of defamation might also occur. On the other hand, if you act well and communicate effectively with others, you will be successful in persuading them to share your viewpoint. This will free you up from a lot of labor. You will be well nourished. Additionally, one will benefit from money and jewelry during this transit phase. The life partner may offer comparable benefits. Still, there is a chance that his health will deteriorate now. You can boost your family's reputation through your employment. 

Remedy: The answer is to worship Lord Ganesha by chanting Ganapati Atharvashirsha and offering him Durvankur.

Capricorn zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Capricorn Sagittarius

Mercury will be in the first house during its transit, and this will be somewhat advantageous for you. 

You must first pay attention to your speech during this. Whatever you say, make sure it's well thought out because speaking rashly or with rising bitterness might get you into trouble, cost you something, and damage ties with your family. Unnecessary trips may be made, which may result in difficulties and financial outlay. Your thoughts will, however, be more preoccupied with spiritual pursuits during this time. You need to take care of your health because issues with it could bring you trouble. Father will cooperate, enabling you to finish your crucial unfinished business. Traveling for work can benefit you and grow your firm, but you must exercise some caution. The maternal side has some positive news to share.

Remedy: Every day, before eating, be sure to eliminate cow grass from the meals.

Sagittarius zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Sagittarius and Ascendant

You could run into issues during this time due to Mercury's passage through Capricorn. You might be bothered by some health issues. You may be surrounded by issues including physical sickness, vision issues, and extreme fatigue. Because this time is unfavorable from a health standpoint, if you are careless with your health during this period, you can end up in the hospital. There will be an increase in contemplative thinking, and you'll experience mental stress. If you are a student, there will be obstacles to your education and your studies. You'll be troubled by opponents and weak in their presence. You must be aware of any cases that are being brought against you in any court or court because your defense may not be as strong at this time. You must keep your costs in check during this period because an unanticipated rise in expenses could make your financial situation more difficult. There may be opportunities to travel overseas suddenly. 

Remedy: A specific number of Shree Budhs chant the planet's Beej Mantra each day.

Pisces zodiac sign
Mercury will make these zodiac signs rich

Pisces and Ascendant

You are going to benefit greatly from this time. Mercury's position in the eleventh house will make it easier for you to get what you want. Your wishes will now begin to progressively come true as you keep them in mind. Your older siblings will give you their full support and assist you in both your career and in achieving your goals. If you run a business, there is a considerable probability that it will grow and that your income will go up significantly. If you work, your financial situation will be stable even while you are employed, and people will view you favorably. This allows for the use of a building or piece of land. Your health will get better, and your romantic relationships will be intense. If you are a student, you will achieve academic success at this time and be able to recognize yourself as an excellent student.

Remedy: On Wednesday, give your sister or aunt or aunt a green saree, outfit, or bangles.

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