G-B7QRPMNW6J All important information that gives happiness-prosperity and good health in life from the formula of Vastu Shastra


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All important information that gives happiness-prosperity and good health in life from the formula of Vastu Shastra

Happy Family
All important information that gives happiness-prosperity and good health in life

1. People often complain of back pain while cooking in the kitchen because there are windows or doors behind their backs.

This is because when someone or something makes a sound, the upper part of the body—from the navel to the head—continues to move, while the lower part remains stationary. The result is a problem with the bones of the spine. This condition The use of a convex mirror in the kitchen is beneficial.

2. Granite should not be used for kitchen slabs as it does not absorb heat and can cause appendicitis, intestinal irritation, or other abdominal ailments.

3. Women experience the sensation of undergoing abdominal surgery. As the stone absorbs energy, it is better to use minimal fire here.

4. Your health and the health of your household are linked. As a result, keep the two areas of the house clean to maintain good health. Also, placing mirrors in the south, southeast and southwest directions ward off many diseases. The lucky effect of a mirror is nullified by dirt and mud on it. Keep windows clean, replace broken glasses and mirrors, and fix leaky faucets. This will encourage optimistic thinking in you. Everything is fine if the mind is in good health.

5. Blood flow (stronger/weaker) In this case, the usefulness of the Earth's magnetic field is indicated by the recommendation that people with high or low blood pressure sleep with their heads to the south so that all five of their limbs face north (north direction There is positive energy) (Dead people are always cremated in south direction)The way you sleep will definitely lower your blood pressure.

6. Avoid using mirrors that reflect the bed in the bedroom. Such mirrors destroy the positive Feng Shui energy in the room, and dissatisfaction prevails in the marital relationship. In such a house, the husband and wife should have a- Cheating on others has also been seen. Even more dangerous is placing a mirror on the inner ceiling of the bedroom. With the help of this mirror, the space is enlarged.

7. It creates confusion, but amplifies unfavorable feng shui energy to an equal degree. It is common to have mirror-related pain, disease, laziness and lack of desire to wake up in the morning. If possible, Avoid placing a mirror in the bedroom; But, if you must, place it in the North-East or North-West so that it does not reflect the bed.

8. Placing artificial flowers or bouquets in the bedroom is selfish. If there is a sense of self-centeredness between husband and wife, the mental state will be unhealthy, resulting in estrangement and apprehension.

9. There should not be more than three doors in a row. Obstructions in front of the doors reduce the happiness of the house. Installing an energy-dense silica hair chandelier between the doors will be quite beneficial for this.

Good Home
All important information that gives happiness-prosperity and good health in life

10. The fact that the roof is supported by pillars and beams causes a number of issues for the occupants of the house.

As a result, problems like headache, stress, rift in family relationships etc. occur.

11. If you sleep with the bed just below the beam, the sleeping couple will be physically and mentally separated.

12. Covering the beams with plywood on the ceiling is the best way to get rid of that bad energy.i. People who sleep under a beam often live in multi-story buildings where the ceiling of each room rests on a beam. Under these circumstances, more regressive energy is generated, which is harmful to the occupants. The decorative beams commonly placed in homes are also relatively safe.

13. To reduce the negative effects of the adverse energy of the beam, it is advisable to employ a pyramid.i. Hanging a flute along the beam can help in reducing the effect of adverse energies. II. No matter how attractive a cactus looks. Never keep it inside. You can become agitated, tired and apathetic from the negative energy that attractiveness always leaves behind. Additionally, its toxic energy can bring disease, misfortune and also brings loss.

14. It is also not a good idea to keep bonsai plants inside. Their dwarf personality has been observed to dwarf the occupants as well. Children are unable to grow and develop normally.

15. Tulsi is a plant that symbolizes Lakshmi in Hinduism and is considered a life partner. Every Hindu household has it, and devotees revere it. It should be stored indoors. It smells bad here Enjoys the air as well as the bad energy of the house. Vastu Shastra says that the following is the place where the temple should be located in a house.

16 It is generally auspicious to construct in front of the front door in the north-east or north-half of the house. Always keep the idols facing east or west. The temple should always be kept clean. The level should be raised above. Deepak or lam ps should be lit to attract continuous positive energy in the temple.

It is auspicious to keep sugar burning in the temple room all the time. It helps in fulfilling all the wishes.

18. A temple should not be built in front of or in front of the stairs leading to the bathroom. It is very inauspicious. Worship and worship do not yield results.

19. Don't build a temple in your bedroom. The term "family generation direction" refers to the former. Therefore, dSome room should be left open in the east direction while making R. As a result the patriarch of the family leads a long and contented life.

20. Mother's residence is in the north direction. Giving some open space to the north direction is beneficial for the motherhood side.


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