G-B7QRPMNW6J Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there


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Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there

Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there

Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there
Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there

The story goes that Sati, a form of Adi Shakti, married Shiva, but Sati's father Daksha was not happy with this marriage. Later, Daksha performed a yagna and invited all the gods except Sati in it. Sati went to the yagna without being called. Daksha said derogatory things about Shiva. Sati could not bear it and dedicated herself to the body yagnaagni. Shiva, immersed in sorrow, lifted Sati's body and started the destruction dance. To stop this, Vishnu used sudarshan chakra to cut sati's body into pieces. Wherever sati's body parts fell, those places became Shaktipeeths. Different things have been said in the texts about the places and number of Shaktipeeths. Here we are telling about the most popular 51 Shaktipeeths.

Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there
Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there

These are the Shaktipeeths

1. Kashmir or Amarnath: 

In Amarnath of Jammu and Kashmir. Here the mother's gorge had fallen.

2. Katyayani: 

In Bhuteshwar of Vrindavan, Mathura. Here Keshpash had fallen.

3. Vishalakshi: 

Uttar Pradesh, at Manikarnika Ghat of Varanasi. The gems in the right ear had fallen.

4. Prayag : 

Located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Here the fingers of the mother's hand had fallen.

5. Volcano: 

Located in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Here the tongue of Sati had fallen.

6. Jalandhar: 

It is in Jalandhar, Punjab. Here the left had fallen.

7. Devikup Peeth Kurukshetra: 

It is situated near Dwaipayan Sarovar near Kurukshetra in Haryana. It is known as Sridevikup Bhadrakali Peeth. Here the right foot of the mother had fallen.

8. Magadha: 

Pataneshwari Devi, located in Patna, the capital of Bihar, is considered to be the Shaktipeeth. Here the right thigh of the mother had fallen.

9. Manas Shaktipeeth: 

Situated on the banks of Mansarovar in Tibet. Mother's right palm had fallen.

10. Karveer: 

In Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Mother's trinity had fallen. Mahalakshmi's personal abode is believed to be here.

11. Janasthan : 

In Panchavati located in Nashik in Maharashtra. Here the mother's chin had fallen.

12. Ambaji : 

In Banaskantha district of Gujarat. Mother's heart had fallen here. In some texts, there is a belief of the Girnar mountain of Junagadh being a Shaktipeeth and the fall of the abdomen.

13. Manivedika: 

In Pushkar, Rajasthan. Known as Gayatri Mandir. Here the wrists had fallen.

14. Virat's Ambika: 

In Vairatgram, Jaipur. Here the fingers of Sati's right foot had fallen.

15. Godavari Coast: 

On the Godavari bank in Kabbur, Andhra Pradesh. Mother's left cupola had fallen.

16. Suchindram : 

At the Thrisagar Sangam site of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, where the elves of Sati fell.

17. Shri Shail : 

Near Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Mother's neck had fallen.

18. Kanchi: 

In Kancheevaram, Tamil Nadu. Here the skeleton of the mother had fallen.

19. Kanyakashram Kanyakumari : 

At the confluence of three seas Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal at Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. Here the mother's back had fallen vertically from the distance.

20. Kirit: 

On the banks of the Hooghly river, Lalbagh Kot. Here the kirit i.e. Shirobhushan or crown fell.

21. Athas : 

It is in Labpur. Here the lower lip had dropped.

22. Nandipur : 

It is in Sainthya. Here the gorge had fallen.

23. Nalhati: 

The abdomen had fallen in Bolpur.

24. Bahula: 

Located in Ketugram near Katwa Junction. Here the mother's left arm had fallen.

25. Tristota : 

On Teesta river in Shalwadi village of Jalpaiguri. Here the mother's left foot had fallen.

26. Explanation: 

Located in Midnapore. Here the left ankle was dropped.

27. Yugadya : 

It is in Kshirgram of Bardman district. Here the thumb of Sati's right foot had fallen.

28. Kalighat : 

Famous as Kali Mandir. Here 4 other fingers had fallen except the thumb of the right foot.

29. Vakreshwar: 

is in Cynthia. Here my mind fell.

30. Kamakhya: 

Kamagiri mountain of Guwahati. Yonidesh had fallen.

31. Jayanti: 

Jaintia hill of Meghalaya. The left thigh had fallen.

32. Tripurasundari : 

In Radha Kishore village of Tripura. Where the mother's south foot had fallen.

33. Virjakshetra, Utkal: 

It is believed in Puri and Yajpur of Orissa, where the mother's navel fell.

34. Vaidyanath: 

Giridih is in Deoghar, Jharkhand. Here the mother's heart had fallen. It is believed that Sati was cremated here.

35. Ujjaini: 

On both the banks of Kshipra of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Mother's elbows had fallen.

36. Shona: 

Narmada temple of Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh. Here the south buttocks of the mother had fallen. It is also believed that the Tarachandi temple of Sasaram in Bihar is the Shon Neutra Shaktipeeth.

37. Lanka: 

It is in Sri Lanka. Nupur had fallen here. It is not known exactly where they fell.

38. Gandaki : 

It is at the origin of Gandaki river in Nepal. Sati's forehead had fallen.

39. Guhyeshwari: 

Near Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here both knees fell.

40. Hinglaj: 

It is in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Mother's Brahmarandhra had fallen.

41. Sugandha: 

It is situated on the banks of river Sugandha in Khulna, Bangladesh. Mother's nose had fallen here.

42. Kartoyaghat : 

On the banks of Kartoya river at Begada in Bhawanipur, Bangladesh. Mother's left talpa had fallen.

43. Chattal: 

In Chittagong, Bangladesh. Here the right arm had fallen.

44. Yashor: 

In Jessore Khulna, Bangladesh. Here the left palm had fallen.

45. Shri Parvat Shaktipeeth: 

Some scholars believe that the origin of this Peeth is Ladakh, some believe that it is in Sylhet, Assam.

46. ​​Panch Sagar Shaktipeeth: 

No definite location of this Shaktipeeth is known.

47. Bhairav ​​Parvat Shaktipeeth: Some consider it to be Bhairav ​​Parvat near Girinar in Gujarat and some on the banks of Kshipra river near Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. 48. Mithila Shaktipeeth: 

It is believed to be situated in Janakpur in Nepal, Samastipur in Bihar and Saharsa.

49. Ratnavali Shaktipeeth: 

It is said to be located somewhere in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

50. Kalamadhav Shaktipeeth: 

No definite place is known about this Shaktipeeth.

51. Ramgiri Shaktipeeth : 

Wherever the Body Parts of Mother Sati fell where to go to Shaktipeeth built there


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