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After 59 years, the rare combination of planets going to be formed on September 24

After 59 years, the rare combination of planets going to be formed on September 24, know whose luck will shine

After 59 years, the rare combination of planets going to be formed on September 24
After 59 years, the rare combination of planets going to be formed on September 24

A very rare combination of planets is also going to happen on 24th September before Navratri. According to astrology, on this day Saturn and Jupiter will be in retrograde state. Budhaditya Yoga is already formed due to the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Virgo. On September 24, Venus will change the zodiac at 09:12:03, which will create a debilitating Raja Yoga. Apart from this, Bhadra Raja Yoga and Hans Raja Yoga will also be formed. Along with this, the triyoga of Mercury, Sun and Venus is going to be formed in Virgo. In astrology, such a rare combination of planets is made after 59 years. This combination is considered very auspicious for the people of five zodiac signs.

When is Bhadra Yoga formed?

The yoga formed by the planet Mercury is called Bhadra, Panch Maha Purush Yoga. In this yoga formed by Mercury, the person gets intellectual ability and good knowledge power. One of the five Mahapurush yogas is Bhadra Yoga, this yoga comes in the category of very auspicious yogas and a person with this yoga gets wealth, fame, happiness and respect.

This yoga is formed when Mercury is in its own sign (Gemini, Virgo) in a birth chart. Along with this, it is also necessary to have Mercury in the center. Some scriptures also take it from the moon to the center. Here Kendra would mean that the first house, fourth house, seventh house, tenth house in which Mercury is sitting in its own sign, then a yoga named Bhadra is formed in the horoscope. Apart from this, according to some texts, if Mercury is sitting in its own zodiac sign in the 1st,4th,7th,10th house from the Moon horoscope, then a yoga named Bhadra is formed. Bhadra Yoga gives fruit according to its name.

Effect of Bhadra Yoga in career

The special quality of Bhadra Yoga is to enhance skill in a person. A person is successful in impressing others with his language style. The person is very influential and seeks freedom in living his lifestyle. A person is also expert in getting the work done with his tact. By adopting this skill in his life, he lives his life. The native can be a gifted teacher or can also become an effective story teller.

Mainly the native can make his entry in the field like communication. Her ability can be recognized only at this place and she shines in front. As a type of consultant or capable of writing and speaking, such as a communication worker in the field of journalism, one can move forward in the work of a judge or advocacy in the field of law. The person born in Bhadra Yoga would have been well behaved and famous among the people.

How to do Hans Yoga

Hans Yoga is also Panch Mahapurush Yoga formed from Jupiter. Jupiter is said to be the most auspicious planet in astrology, due to which it does not take long to understand the auspiciousness of the yoga formed by it. If Jupiter, also known as Jupiter, is situated in the Kendra house, in the fourth house, in the seventh house or in the tenth house in the birth chart or if it is sitting in an exalted zodiac, then Hans Yoga is formed in the horoscope.

If we look at this yoga from the Moon Kundali, then if the Jupiter is in the Kendra, fourth, seventh or tenth house from the Moon in this position, then Hans Yoga is formed. Due to Hans Yoga, many bad yogas present in the birth chart get eliminated.

Effects of Hans Yoga

Hans Yoga helps in giving the person a good position in the society. The person becomes popular among the people. A person has the ability to judge right and wrong. That person is a good performer and born in a high family.

This yoga increases the judgment ability in a person. Jupiter's own signs are Sagittarius and Pisces and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Due to being in its own zodiac, the effect of Jupiter becomes more. Its auspicious effect gives knowledge to the person. There is also spiritual growth.

The planet Jupiter is the factor of children, elder brother, education, religious work, holy place, wealth, charity, virtue. This also becomes the factor of happiness in married life. It is a factor in the growth of brothers, brothers and children in the family. According to astrology, if Jupiter is sitting in a good benefic position in the birth chart, then due to its effect, the difficult paths of the person are also opened and work gets done without any hindrances. Sattvik qualities are infused inside the person and he stays away from the wrong path.

Taurus - 

Due to this rare combination of planets, the people of Taurus will benefit in business. There will be chances of money gain and expansion in business. New schemes will be fruitful. The mind will be happy with sudden monetary gains. The money given in the loan can also be returned.

Gemini - 

Raja Yoga named Hans is being formed in Gemini. People of this zodiac can get tremendous benefits on the career and business front. You can also get a big position in the job. Money will benefit from the luck of the partner. You will get good results in the field of education. There will be an increase in prestige.

Virgo - 

This combination is also going to be auspicious for the people of Virgo zodiac. There will be chances of progress in job-business. In this zodiac, Venus is creating a debilitating Raja Yoga, due to which sudden wealth can be obtained. Long pending tasks can also be completed. Time will also be very auspicious for investment.

Sagittarius - 

In Sagittarius, Raja Yogas named Hans, Neechabhanga and Bhadra are being formed. Time will be auspicious for you from business point of view. During this, you can also get an offer to brighten your fortune. commercial In cases, travel will give benefits. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family as well.

Pisces - 

Shani Dev is sitting in the place of profit in the horoscope of the people of Pisces. At the same time, in this zodiac, Raja Yoga named Neechabhanga Raja Yoga and Bhadra is being formed. Due to this you can get new job opportunities. Money will be saved. Salary may also increase. Income sources will increase. These Raja Yogas are also considered very auspicious from the business point of view. 


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